Cleaner Air for a Virus-Free and Healthier Future

CLEVA is an International Trading Company headquartered in Hong Kong. We are focused on achieving the necessary transition from climate change denial, and lack of action to a clean energy transport environment, where the sustainable wellbeing of community is the absolute priority.

Petchburi Road, Bangkok … April 2004 to March 2019

CLEVA is involved in Transport Technology Development, Electric Vehicle Design Applications, Logistics, Marketing, and Pre- and Post-delivery customer service. The result is a portfolio of Clean Electric vehicles and the ownership of technologies that serve the future of society and the environment.

To achieve our vision as more than an I.D.E.A.

  1. Identify, qualify, and quantify a pollution problem in the transport sector
  2. Develop a range of solutions, accounting for: market affordability, regulatory, technical, commercial, financial, social and end-user feasibility
  3. Engage qualified stakeholders
  4. Apply aggressive marketing and delivery performance

And, with our existing relationship base, we enjoy continuous dialogue with government agencies, regulators, and institutional agencies such as Asian Development Bank (ADB), United Nations Economic & Social Commissions for Asia Pacific (UNESCAP), USAID, and International Climate Change bodies. Robin Hughes, our founder, is a regular invitee to international conferences, IMF, World Bank, UNESCAP, ADB, as well as commercially managed energy forums. We are active in seeking international clean transport projects.

The company is dedicated to eradicating smoke and harmful polluting emissions from all types of vehicular transport in those markets where such polluting emissions contribute directly to increased health problems, reduced GDP, and upward pressure on the balance of payments deficit. These are side effects that emerging economies cannot afford.