EV industry reacts to UK ban on fuel burning vehicles by 2030

“The UK government has announced its intention to bring forward the ban of all new sales of petrol and diesel vehicles to 2030, which is ten years earlier than originally planned, and will have a dramatic impact on the electrified vehicle market.” – see the full report at electrichybridvehicletechnology.com

As the developed world moves to eliminate gasoline and Diesel auto vehicles from their domestic markets, it is only likely that the emerging markets in Asia will follow suit, albeit some years later than the current aggressive timetable of 2030-2040. We must learn from these actions, and how government will regulate and implement the changes. In the meantime, we will continue to aggressively move to promote the adoption of clean alternative fuels, and 100% EV where appropriate. ASEAN, RCEP, APEC and other collaborative political and economic bodies ignore these necessary changes at their peril.

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