Thailand poised to be regional leader in electric vehicle revolution, and all it needs is a spark

Entrepreneurs banking on electric vehicles as one of the solutions to tackle climate change are positioning themselves early, as Thailand looks to ramp up production.

This was the launch of a vessel that its backers hope will revolutionise sea travel and tourism around Thailand’s picturesque islands and beaches, normally a magnet for millions of visitors every year.

BANGKOK: It was a postcard picture day off the coast of Phuket as a sleek, modern ferry embarked on its maiden voyage. The battery-powered vessel slipped from the dock in near silence and jetted towards the limestone karsts on the horizon.

The e-Ferry is powered by 625 kWh lithium-ion batteries sourced from Singaporean battery maker Durapower. It allows the vessel to cruise at 17 knots, taking tourists to some of the most awe-inspiring sights in the kingdom’s south, without producing any emissions to damage the environment.

Using just this single e-ferry for one year will reduce emissions equivalent to planting 8,700 trees, according to project collaborator Banpu Next, the innovation-focused subsidiary of powerful parent energy company, Banpu, whose core business has long been coal and gas.

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