About Us

Our Vision

Clean Vehicle Solutions (Asia) Ltd. has a clear vision of the legacy we want to leave, and our business model is geared to achieving the ambitious goals that our vision defines.

Simply put, we resolutely believe that through leadership, education, consultation and dedication, our company can play its part in creating “cleaner air for a healthier future”, through sustained reductions in CO2 emissions, and the eradication of Particulate Matter and harmful Green House Gases worldwide.

  1. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates more than 5 million people die every year from bad air-quality (70% of which is caused by transport emissions).
  2. The most damaging of these pollutants are Oxides of Nitrogen – NOx. which are invisible and non-odorous and Hydrocarbons – CH4
  3. From transport emissions old diesel and gasoline vehicles with no certified emissions catalyst produce smoke (soot) – Particulate Matter – PM, cause long-term lung damage and emphysema ensues, through the ingestion of polluted air and its micro polluting gases.
  4. Besides the human tragedy, pollution gases cost governments billions of dollars in healthcare, lost working hours, family trauma and social tragedy
  5. CLEVA alternative fuel solutions considerably reduce gas emissions
    Methane based natural gas is a cleaner option than diesel or gasoline, but their emissions need to be managed
    We adopt the installation of a methane catalyst to all CNG & LNG conversions, developed and patented by a CLEVA shareholder
    In the Electrical Vehicle (EV) sector we are leaders in the Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) market where community is the watchword, and society as a whole the beneficiary

Corporate Values, Philosophy and Approach

Clean Vehicle Solutions (Asia) Ltd. are a company that thinks globally and acts locally. We give back.

Through best practices, transparent corporate governance and imagination, we use our existing commercial talents to take on large projects where the impact of change to alternative fuels is feasible, sustainable and affordable. Key to our values is the adoption of socially significant welfare programmes that become affordable through savings made by the eradication of fuel subsidies, the trading of carbon emissions, and a real contribution from ourselves to improve the lives of whose vehicles we are changing to a clean fuel, efficient and sustainable operation.

It is of course essential that in the conduct of our business we follow the very best of corporate practices. Good governance will be the watchword of our business and it will be the responsibility of the board of directors to maintain this. We will seek to use the services of a number of non-executive directors where prudent to do so. The non-executive Chairman of our Board of Directors continues to show us the path towards a balanced and focused direction while providing us with guidance and introductions to new opportunities.