ACEF 2020 – 15-19th June 2020


Clean Vehicle Solutions (Asia) Limited – CLEVA attended ACEF 2020 for the 6th year, and for the 3rd year participated as a presenter/panellist. –

Due to COVID-19 this year’s event was held on a virtual basis. In contrast to all previous forum, the number of participants was more than double the numbers who attended the live events in 2019.

Our participation was specifically in the role of urban transport post COVID-19. Session 5.2. COVID-19 and the Energy sector: Policy Perspectives

We raised concerns in the specific areas of:

  • Sustaining improved air quality as traffic returns to pre-COVID-19 densities
  • How Government can move to the eradication of internal combustion engine – “ICE”, subsidies
  • Securing the sustainability of clean energy policy decisions across the changing political arena – especially in emerging markets

Important topics where contributors from international agencies, government and working groups provided insights where a continuation of measures, conceived, and implemented privided results of how the planet is moving to a secure energy platform.

  • Green Finance
  • Clean Energy Infrastructure
  • Emerging technologies
  • Case studies and success stories in achieving sustainable Clean Air in Urban communities
  • Deep-Dive workshops, showcasing local business opportunities

Please see for full agenda, links to all of the informative newsletters (including daily summaries from the event), and links to speaker bios and presentations.