In the sectors we know best “Electric Vehicle” applications, “Alternative Fuels” and “Clean Air Technology, we adopt the use of proven globally accredited technology.

We source infrastructure for fuelling supply and dispensing, with proven market-leading warranty, service, and parts supply management.

We match the key OEM Powertrain and chassis with local automotive body and assembly manufacturers. This creates domestic investment and employment on a major scale.

We reduce fossil-fuel emissions by cutting-edge technology applications:

  • LPG – Liquified Petroleum Gas – on all gasoline engines, and where available we use
  • CNG – Compressed natural gas – which is used in both gasoline and diesel conversions in the DDF (Diesel Dual Fuel) solution.
  • LNG – Liquified natural gas – now increasingly applied as a bilk fuel in heavy truck, marine an under development as an aviation fuel.
  • EV – Electric powertrain and propulsion through clean battery operations

We do not stop at the fuel options for achieving cleaner emissions. Through our partners and fellow shareholders, we invest in new patented technology to treat the emissions caused by methane, hydrocarbons – CH₄  (CNG & LNG).

Our approach to all Electric Vehicle (EV) applications is community based. While following government mandates for the replacement of polluting health damaging emissions, we commission transport, utility, emergency, and industrial vehicles into the community. These are LOW SPEED VEHICLES – LSV.

The concerns of EV, particular in the transport sector, are:

  1. Affordability – we create EV purchasing schemes that allow for our EV to compete in price with much cheaper diesel and gasoline alternatives.
  2. The cost of batteries
    • We remove the cost of the batteries in the total EV cost to the user.
    • The cost of the batteries is met by using “battery leasing” – where the cost of the battery and the electricity is in the battery charging cost.
    • The payment structure enables the charging cost (effective fuel cost) to be less than filling up with diesel or gasoline in a conventional vehicle
  3. Range Anxiety – how far can you run on a single battery charge.
    • Fitting a range extender – “Rex” on the EV or to a trailer
      • This produces electricity stored in a generator that tops-up the EV battery as required
      • The “Rex” engine runs on LPG (small EV), and LNG on larger commercial EV and buses
  1. Infrastructure – this is alleviated through the application of battery swapping
    • Along with lower running and maintenance costs, EV are compelling to adopt, and sustainable to own.

CLEVA is the go-to sustainable clean energy company, where the community, can achieve their dreams of a sustainably improving environment.

“Cleaner Air for a Healthier Future “ can only be achieved with the full use of all of our talents, efforts, and a transparent , cooperative business environment.