CLEVA EV MED Community Ambulance

  1. Local ambulance and paramedic services have been a neglected aspect of social services in urban and increasingly rural areas. The lack of availability of these services has resulted in:
    • Loss of life
    • Panic by families
  2. A private clean-fuelled ambulance enables public services to prioritise to where needs are most – densely occupied housing and industrial locations, with restricted access
  3. The CLEVA EV Ambulance provides a unique range of emergency and utility functions not previously taken-up by most communities. The human and commercial cost can be avoided by making these vehicles available at a local level. The CLEVA solution provides:
    • An E-Ambulance fully equipped as for a normal full-sized unit,
    • Can be fitted to the specific needs of the owner/operator
    • A CLEVA EV Ambulance is affordable
  4. Apart from the economic benefits, the CLEVA unit is tailpipe emissions free.
  5. The CLEVA EV Ambulance is ideally suited for all immediate medical attention requirements – where paramedics can meet the immediate needs of the patient, accident, or application
  6. Ambulances should be commissioned in all residential compounds where emergency needs may occur, and where waiting for a public service vehicle is uncertain
    • For larger compounds (particularly where the residential occupancy is sensitive), more than one vehicle should be provided.
    • Locate at all strategic points in enough units as required to meet the supply of single use and community needs (accidents etc)
      • Resorts, large hotels, and MICE centres where access to the fire/emergency is critical to saving people and property.
      • Residential compounds and private communities
      • Large Shopping Malls and car parks
      • Industrial Estates
      • Railway stations
      • Sports Stadiums
      • Hospitals
      • Refuse dumps (fire hazard)
      • Transport Hubs
      • Car Parks

System Voltage 48
Motor 7kw DANA (Ashwoods)-U.K.
Battery (swap or ?xed) Fixed
Controller Curtis USA
Charger Lithium
Passenger Number Driver + 1 paramedic + 1 patient (total of 3)
Range (loaded, in km) 50
Max. Speed (no load, in km/h) 30
Max. Grade Ability (loaded, in %) 20
Min. Turning Radius (m) =5.35
Max. Loading Weight (kg) 1250
Overall Dimensions (mm) 5050 × 1525 × 2050
Instruments On Dashboard Combination instrument including power consumption, voltage, current, speed, mileage, time, light, F/R switch, and signal.
Rear View Mirror Two – one on each side
Lighting System Headlight, turn lights, taillight, horn and reverse buzzer
Seats High quality artificial leather
Audio CD and Radio, speakers
Switch Assembly Combination switch including Power key, Light andwiper combination switch, F/R switch and reverse buzzer switch
Drive Mode Stepless or transmission
Braking System Front drum/rear drum, hydraulic brake, parking brake
Front Axle and Suspension Independent suspension
Rear Axle and suspension Integral rear axle, coil spring non-independent suspension, hydraulic shock absorber tube
Steering System Rack and pinion drive
Tyres 4J*12 steel wheel, wheel cap, 155R12, 8PR
Body Steel frame + fibreglass
Floor Non-slip floormat