CLEVA EV Multipurpose Tricycle ECV01C-MP

The CLEVA “ECV01O-MP” model is a 100% Electric Tricycle designed to meet the needs of the Community

    • Fully closed with lockable doors
    • Separate drivers’ compartment
    • Luggage storage at the rear with folding rear seats
    • Ceiling fans to all compartments
    • Certified to operate on main roads
    • The “EV01O-MP” has a range of 40-60kms on a single battery charge
    • To maximise the effective operating hours, a battery swap is available
    • Speed is governed according to regulatory limits
    • Warranty is industry leading, and service centres are located to suit operator’s needs.
    • CLEVA provides an “APP” to enable a booking service wherever needed.

The “ECV01C-MP” is offered as a Multi-Purpose EV.

Fundamental to this service is that the owner has a planned income. Agreed schedules are established with government and private companies and paid by the company not as a collected fare, but as a payment for a valid community service (except for a taxi-ride)

Early morning

  • Scheduled school pick up runs (up to 6 schoolchildren) – in conjunction with the local education authority and schools
    • The day starts with scheduled school pick runs, to the “yellow Bus” or direct to school

All morning

  • Postal and parcel deliveries – (up to 400kgs of post, packages, and parcels) – under agreed contracts and fees for collection and delivery services with the Post Office and Courier/parcel delivery companies
    • Post and parcel deliveries from contracted, regular demand from local logistics companies, large and small. A secure, safe, accessible ECV
    • An all- morning activity

Mid-morning to early Evening

  • Shopping Mall shuttle services – in conjunction the Departments of Industry & Tourism – under contract with with Shopping Malls, using an “APP” that directs the ECV to collect shoppers and take them back afterwards
    • To attract shoppers and achieve a competitive edge, rural shoppers will choose the best transport option.
    • No more waiting for an erratic public transport service,
    • Free of charge
    • Large rear boot for bags etc. Available for Food and grocery deliveries
    • CLEVA has devised a commercial model that enables the Malls to operate the service at no cost, and the shoppers to obtain discounts for using the service


  • Hospital patient collections – in conjunction with the Department of Health, under contract with public and private hospitals and clinics
  • Hospital appointments can be guaranteed by a call-out service. This avoids the current use of ambulances for such patient use
  • “APP”-based to ensure prompt timing and less inconvenience to patients, visitors
  • Allows for the ambulance service to operate for those most in urgent need
  • A regular taxi service – business as usual
Vehicle details


Dimension L*W*H (mm) 2670*1200*1650
Weight Capacity 6 passengers (including 1 driver)
Vehicle Weight 300 kgs
Max. Loading Weight >400 kgs
Electric System


Motor Motor 60V 1.2KW China
Controller 24 tube China
Battery 60V60A Lithium
Charger 6-Hour quick charger
Charger Parameters DC73V3A Lithium ion battery charger
Features Specification
Range per Charge 75-90KM
Max. Speed 30 km/h (no load)
Max Climbing Ability 35% x 50m
Brake Hub brake on rear wheels
Rear Axle 1-speed (China made, top quality)
Body Steel
Tire 400-10
Instruments Headlight, turning light, brake light, running light, meter,
reversing light