CLEVA EV Passenger Bus

  1. The CLEVA EV Passenger Bus meets a very specific need in the passenger and commercial transport sectors.
    • In the passenger sector the design, specification and seating capacity meet all manner of transport applications
      • As a regulated urban van – as prescribed in many countries under government ordnance
      • As a shuttle in all applications
      • Hotels and resorts
      • Airports
      • Company vehicles
      • Industrial and Factory estates
      • Hospitals – as a patient shuttle
  2. The CLEVA EV Passenger Bus is a 100% Battery Electric vehicle – BEV
    • Lower operating costs compared to gasoline or diesel
    • Lower maintenance costs
  3. The CLEVA EV technology provides several battery charging options
    • Fast charge with onboard charger – 2 hours
    • Where the bus operation is over more than one shift and particularly in rural areas where distances are longer, CLEVA installs an efficient range extender – “Rex”, that provides battery charging while on-the-move. Safe efficient, and a sure solution for “range anxiety”
  4. The CLEVA EV Passenger Bus is affordable
    • CLEVA enjoys firm financing arrangements outside of the domestic banking system.
    • A range of payment options are available for fleet and personnel owners
  5. Apart from the economic benefits, the CLEVA unit is virtually emissions free.
  6. CLEVA provides strong warranty and servicing support

Drive Motor Rated power (kw) 70/140
Rated Torque (nm / peak torque rpm) 450/1000
Rate speed / peak speed (r/min) 1500/4500
Protection level Ip67
Motor Controller Rated voltage (vdc) 530
Power Battery (kwh) Battery vrand and type CATL LFP
Battery pack power capacity (ah) 173
Battery pack rated voltage (vdc) 521.64
Total battery power Capacity 90.2
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 6995 x 2050 x 2720
Wheelbase (mm) 3935
Tread front / Rear (mm) 1670 / 1530
Front / rear overhang (mm) 1150 / 1955
Weight Curb weight (kg) 4800
GVW (kg) 7700
Seats / passenger 13 – 23
Performance Max. speed (km/hour) 50 (limited)
Max. grade ability (%) 20%
Min. turning diameter (m) 17.4
Approach/departure (deg) 13/8
Drive range (km) 120-160 kms Unlimited with RangeExtender – “Rex”
Voltage Low voltage (v) 24
Battery brand Camel
Structure Fully cage structure, two steps
Front Axle Forged steel parts, i-shaped section; DongFeng DANA axle, drum brake, max load capacity: 2700 kg, self-adjusting clearance, with ABS
Rear Axle Full floating half shaft, single stage deceleration, hyperbolic gear; DongFeng dana bridge, drum brake, maximum load mass: 5500kg; main reduction ratio: 6.14, clearance self-adjustment, with abs
Propeller Cross shaft universal joint
Suspension Front 3 /rear 4 leaf springs, bi-directional barrel shock absorber
Steering Electro-hydraulic power steering
Brake Double circuit air brake, parking brake uses spring energy storage brake, acting on the rear wheel; service brake has under pressure and self-protection function
Tyre 215/75r17.5-16pr
Cooling Ats cooling system
Other Motor directly drives the rear axle
Body Structure Rectangular hollow section welded
Door Drivers door and one pneumatic folding door
Internal trim Molding roof interior trim, PVC Composite side trims
Panel Luxury foam dashboard
Front / Rear Windshield Front windshield: Laminated Safety Glass
Rear Windshield: Integral tempered Safety Glass, Adhesive Installation
Side Window Sliding windows
Air Conditioning With cooling air conditioning
Rear View System Manual whaped rear-view mirror, inside mirror
Audio System MP3
Monitor System With two monitoring cameras – driver & passenger
Seats 22+1 (2+1 arrangement), adjustable driver seat. Fabric Passenger Seats
Floor Bamboo (12 (mm) + colored spot leather floor, optional for quartz sand floor leather
Extinguisher 4kg extinguishers (2)
Roof Hatch Safety top ventilation hatch 1pc.
Painting Domestic polyurethane paint, pattern follows customer (metallic painting optional)
Others 1 pc standard toolbox, safety drummer, clock