CLEVA EV S1 Security Car

  1. It is of increasing concern that the availability of security personnel for private corporate and personal needs is inadequate. Official public resources are either inadequate or unavailable. The increase of burglaries, assaults, and wanton damage to the home and office base is increasing in an untamed manner
  2. Existing problems encountered by Police & Security services range from
    • Lack of equipment capacity
    • Lack of street access
      • Too narrow for the Police/Security to access
      • Poor parking
      • Traffic congestion
      • Poor private car driver responsibility in moving away to make way for the emergency vehicles to get through
    • A lack of finance and poor budgeting at Central and Local Government levels
  3. The CLEVA EV Security Car provides a unique range of emergency and utility functions not previously taken-up by most communities. The human and commercial cost can be avoided by creating these services at a local level. The CLEVA solution provides:
    • Provides a Police/Security fully equipped as for a normal full-sized unit
    • A CLEVA EV Security Car is affordable
    • Apart from the economic benefits, the CLEVA unit is virtually emissions free.
  4. Where the CLEVA EV Security Car is ideally suited for security and emergency requirements
    • Should be commissioned in all residential compounds where it saves an unknown considerable amount of time, compared to a regular “security call” that takes an unknown time to reach the problem location. For larger compounds (particularly where the residential occupancy is sensitive), more than one vehicle should be provided.
    • Locate at all strategic points in:
      • Resorts, large hotels, and MICE centres where access to the fire/emergency is critical to saving people and property.
      • Large Shopping Malls and car parks
      • Industrial Estates
      • Railway stations
      • Sports Stadiums
      • Hospitals
      • Refuse dumps
      • Transport Hubs
      • Car Parks

System Voltage (v) 48
Motor 7 kw DANA (Ashwoods)-U.K.
Battery (swap or fixed) Lithium (fixed)
Controller Curtis USA
Charger Onboard
Passenger Number 4
Max. Speed (km/h) 40
Range per Charging (drive-cycle dependent, in km) 40
Minimum turning radius (m) 5
Max. Grade Ability (%) 20
Max. braking distance at a speed of 20km/h (m) 4
Max. Loading Capacity (kg) 400
Vehicle Weight (kg) 700
Overall Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 3090 x 1490 x 1950
Door Aluminum
Brake System 4-wheel hydraulic brake, parking brake
Front Axle and suspension Independent suspension
Rear Axle and suspension Integral rear axle, coil spring non-independent suspension, hydraulic shock absorber tube
Steering System Rack and pinion steering system
Tyres Aluminum rim, 225/55R12C tyre
Body Steel chassis + injected plastic body
Floor Non-slip floormat
Instruments on dashboard Combination instruments including power indicator, voltage, current mileage, lighting, L/R indicators
Rear view mirror 1 pc on each side
Lights systems Headlight, turn lights, taillights, horn and reverse buzzer
Seats Highly quality artificial leather
Seat Belts Yes
Audio System CD and radio, speaker
Switch Assembly Combination switch power key, light and wiper combination switch, F/R & reverse buzzer switch