Contracted programs

CLEVA seeks to enjoy prudent and sustainable contracted commercial partnerships with all those who add value to our commercial success. Please do not hesitate if you would like to engage with CLEVA on any of our vehicle or technology programmes.


CLEVA seeks to use all technologies that improve our delivery of clean energy transport applications. We explore on all developments on a dynamic basis.

We endeavour to support entrepreneurs in meeting their innovative goals, especially where they complement taking our own vision forward.

We are able to provide design, manufacturing, and assembly support on a commercial basis and in a variety of market locations.


In line with our interest in continued technology advancement, our inhouse research focuses on market evaluation(s) on a global basis. We publish our findings where they complement market knowledge.

We conduct studies for clients on a contracted basis, specialising in the following subjects:

  1. Government regulatory policy and enacted legislation on a country by country basis
  2. Market potential in all segments of public transport where new transport fuels are replacing old fossil fuels
    • Road,
    • Rail,
    • Sea – ferries
  3. Comparative economics for “ICE” vs Electric for transport use
  4. Others on request