Our Team

Robin Graham Hughes B.Sc. Econ (Wales) – Applied Economics
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Robin is a UK Citizen with a degree in Economics.

Robin has over 40 years’ experience in Transport Economics, International Treasury, and structured finance in Europe and Asia, and for the past 20 years has been in the “Alternative Fuels” Industry, concentrating on the public transport sector. He enjoys close relationships with persons at the highest level of government, diplomatic and commercial activities. Robin has recently published several research papers.

He founded Clean Vehicle Solutions (Asia) Ltd. in 2016. He resides in the Philippines and Bangkok and is responsible for the Business Development Strategy, Marketing and Sales of the company.

His current priority is to bring CLEVA to the forefront of the rapidly expanding Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) segment where community and society are the core of new EV applications.

He is responsible for all product marketing and sales.

David King B.Sc. Eng.
Non-Executive Director

David King is an Irish Citizen and is the proprietor of PrinsAutogas UK Limited. He supplies CLEVA exclusively with Prins LPG, CNG, and LNG vehicle conversion technology.

David is also the owner of Catalyst Ch4nge, a patented methane eradications technology. CLEVA applies this ground-breaking solution to transport, marine and industrial exhaust emissions.

David provides CLEVA with training support is responsible for the development of new alternative fuel applications and bringing them to the company ready to market.

David is known for his innovative development of engineering solutions in the important area of improving emissions and reducing pollution.

Robin & David have been industry colleagues for 20 years.

Jon Aitchison
Consultant advisor – EV Powertrain Technology

Jon is an experienced Electronics engineer and has spent some 20 years in UK, China, Japan, South Korea, and the US and usefully has a business capability in Mandarin.

Jon shares the CLEVA low carbon sustainability vision that is the bedrock of our business model .

His role within CLEVA is to provide prudent, pragmatic, and practical advice and guidance in all areas of electric powertrain solutions for our vehicle applications. This includes advising on the selection of, motors, inverters, transaxles, batteries, range extenders and other associated technology. His negotiating experience and sales achievements will complement our own talents in our competitive markets.

Dan Millison B.A., M.S. Civil Engineering
Environmental Consultant – Marine & Climate Change

Dan Millison  is the Proprietor of Transcendergy L.L.C., a private consultancy established in 2008 to provide sustainable infrastructure solutions. He has helped mobilize well over $10 billion investment in sustainable energy and transport infrastructure, including more than $1 billion of co-financing from dedicated climate change funds. He was formerly a senior energy specialist at Asian Development Bank, and previously worked in the environmental services and oil and gas industries. He holds a M.S. in Civil Engineering and a B.A. in Geological Sciences, both from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Dan will support CLEVA with a primary focus in the marine vessels sector where our technologies and engineering solutions provide sustainable market presence

Tony Morgan BA, ACA, FHKICPA

Chairman/Non-Executive Director

Tony is a UK citizen.

He is retired and living in the UK where he is a non-executive director of a small media business, a director of the Wisley plc and chairman of the St George’s Hill Residents’ Association.

Prior to his return to the UK in 2016, Tony was the CEO and major shareholder of the World Sport Group, which was sold in 2008 at a valuation of approximately US$200m to the Lagardere Group, a large French media house.

Adrian Chan B. Comm (Finance and Accounting), CPA Australia, HKIPCA

Director, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

Adrian is an investment banker turned portfolio finance professional with 20+ years’ experience in finance, accounting and corporate finance.  He was an investment banker with regional coverage, a named IPO Sponsor Principal and Responsible Officer, executed IPOs, M&As, privatisation and advisory transactions for more than 100 companies across various sectors technology platforms, and stages of developments.  He was the Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of a Hong Kong listed company and a Toronto listed company, covering projects in renewable energy and the resources sector.  He is currently advisor to a number of start-ups and private companies.  He serves as audit committee chairman and independent non-executive director to two Hong Kong listed companies.

He is responsible for financial, accounting, business development and strategic matters.